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            Welcome to taizhou huifeng electron enterprise's official website,inquire please dial +86-576-86331676 E-mail:sales@tzhfdz.com!

            intelligent reactive power compensation controller, Control instrument





            Intelligent reactive power compensation controller is new generation product, to meet development requirements of automatic reactive power compensation.It is used with our intelligent capacitor, with simple wiring , reliable running characteristics.etc. It can real-time show the RS485 interface, power factor, voltage, current, reactive power and other electrical parameters, and intelligent capacitor sets and cutting state, make it very simple, at the same time can save a lot of wiring.

            二、Main fuction.

            1.CONTROL FUCTION.

            (1)Auto,manual control

            (2)Automatic switching on-off control be carried according to the controlled parameters (power factor, reactive power, power distribution, current, voltage)

            (3)Same volume capacitor based on the principles of cycle to switch on-off control, different volume capacitor control base on reactive power gaps.

            (4)predict switching distribution reactive compensation before switching, if it as predicting, and need opposite practicing, then no switching, it can prevent oscillation;

            2.Fuction setting

            (1)transformation ratio?setting

            (2)Delay time setting

            (3)The power factor setting

            (4)protection setting value setting

            3.Measurement fuction.

            Distribution voltage, current, power factor, reactive power measurement

            4.Communications functions

            Capacitor operation, return status and way;

            5.Protection function

            (1)Overvoltage, undervoltage, and loss of pressure protection;

            (2)Oscillation protection

            三、Main Data

            1.work environment

            (1) Temperature: - 45 ℃ ~ 55 ℃.

            (2) Relative humidity: At 40 ℃ ?20 ~ 90%;

            (3)Atmospheric pressure: 79.5 ~ 106.0 kpa.

            (4) Altitude: not more than 2000 m;

            2. Working power supply

            (1) Working voltage ac 50 hz, 380 v + / - 20%;

            (2) Power consumption: Less than 3 va;

            (3) Current sampling: communication 0 ~ 5 a;

            3.Measurement accuracy

            (1) voltage: 0.5 Grade

            (2) Current: 0.5 grade

            (3) Reactive power: 1.0 grade

            (4) Power factor: ±0.01

            4. Volume control

            (1) three-phase compensation: ≤28 units;

            (2) split phase compensation: ≤14 units

            (3) Hybrid compensation: ≤42 units (three phase type 28 units + split-phase 14units)

            5. Appearance and installation dimensions

            Dimension (width*deep*hight): 120mm×120mm×88mm

            Installation hole size (width x height) : 113 mm * 113 mm

            四、Machinery installation and electrical wiring

            Machinery installation: open a 113 mm x 113 mm square hole in screen, push the device from the screen front into the square hole, inserted the fasteners in the installation groove, tighten the screws to fixed the device on the screen.

            Electrical wiring: electrical connection shown below photo. ?Request correct wiring.

            Above terminals are defined as follows: IA, IA *, IB, IB, IC, IC * : joint distribution respectively A, B, C three-phase sampling current;

            UA, UB, UC, UN: A, B, C three-phase voltage, UN connect the zero line;

            Intelligent capacitor: By a dedicated communication lines to connect intelligent capacitor;

            五、Directions for use

            Controller panel composed by the LED digital tube, LED lamp, operating button, following is a simple explanation:

            1.The key instructions

            2.LED digital tube and indicator lights introduce

            (1)Status indicates composed of 24 set of LED lights, show a total of 24 sets capacitor swithing state, when show common compensation capacitor switching state, in each LED group, left LED show C1 switching state, the middle LED show C2 switching state; When show splite compensation switching state, LED group show in turn from left to right is A ,B, C switching state, state. LED light on , means capacitor be connected, Led light off, means capacitor be cut off. Indicator show capacitor switching state follows rule: common compensation is front the split compensation . (e.g: system has 5units common compensation capacitors and 3 units split compensation capacitors, then 1 ~ 5 unites LED indicators show commonn compensation cof instructions, a total of capacitor switching on-off state, 6 ~ 8 group instruction points for apacitor switching state, 6-8units LED indicators show split compensation capacitors switching state.)

            (2)LED DIGITAL SHOW

            6Application of electrical schematic diagram

            1.three-phase compensation applied electric schematic diagram

            1.whole common compensation intelligent capacitor match use with intelligent reactive power compensation controller, only pick up one phase distribution sampling current. Mixed intelligent capacitor compensation, need to connect three-phase current distribution.

            2. The current distribution of outlet and inlet line of the input needs to distinguish the direction: IA for in line, IA * ?for out line. If some phase current direction is opposite, ?then the cos shows negative value, then it need to switch outlet and inltet line, if three phase all connected oppositely, can set F to 1 to modify it, and it is no need to switch inlet or outlet line.

            Note: system is three-phase type intelligent capacitor, intelligent reactive power compensation controller can be only one phase current sampling arbitrary.

            2.Mixed compensation applied electric schematic diagram


            In order to facilitate debugging, intelligent capacitor to add the function of debugging, operation method is as follows: power off , Under the condition of electricity cutoff, intelligent filter type reactive power compensation module panel dial a switch to "strong" position, the electric transmission intelligent filter type reactive power compensation is simulated for module debugging by default state, not practical for capacitor. But remember: after finish testing power, should be a switch to "automatic" position.

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